My not-so-baby brother hogging the PS2 comes to no surprise in my house. A player myself, I get so annoyed when he just hogs the console all day long and acts as if he has exclusive rights over the PS2 and owns the bloody room. If you're reading this dearest brother, I'm not mad at you. Its just a fact of life. You have more games to play and its so important that you finish the game using every single character and combination of modes for every one of your beloved Dynasty Warriors games. I get it. And I can smile at the thought that next year is your PMR year and school opens in a couple of weeks. The PS2 (evil laughter)

The other baby brother can be a spot of bother at times. What with his endless cries of "Alteman!!!" "Alteman satuuu, alteman duaaa, alteman GIGA!! DYNA!!!" (Ultraman, people. Phonetics okay?) He is now the perpetual 'budak Ultraman'. The fact that the older brother used to love watching that show when he was younger stimulated this rapid developing of my 2 year old baby brother's obsession with the not macho and mute hero figure. This is because before everything, the tv room was filled with Ultraman videos and CDs. Not to mention the figurines my brother kept and are now passed down to the younger generation. The insistent demands to watch the boring show over and over again, taking us by hand and dragging us to watch it with him... I wonder whether buying that DVD with 52 Ultraman episodes was a good idea to begin with. We now will never run out of Ultraman. Sigh.

Now its always, "Hyah! Hyah!" Play-acting Ultraman VS Even Uglier Monster fights with him can be loads of fun but I end up feeling battered. Especially if his using that impossibly rock-hard skull of his. And I always have to concede to the child right? Did I mention I have a scar to commemorate the day my brother (not the 2 year old) bit me on my stomach? (Yes, Nadim, don't you forget it) I wonder when I'll get a similar one from this little tyrant.

Believe it or not, now he's tormenting the cat. Though I can't feel sorry for Petsie. She's more annoying than the Boy Ultraman. And not nearly as adorable.
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  1. | AiNaa K | Says:

    the might morphin power rangers are way much better than ultraman..
    wish nizzar realizes that..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That's why you all have to "play" with him and distract him from watching the TV. There are 3 of you at home ~ so you can take turns.

    But i believe, since you all want a peace of mind (which I do too sometimes), you let him watch the TV while you do your own things. And now you complain??

    We must find other things for him to do besides watching TV. I don't want him to end up being a TV addict. That's so unhealthy!

    And on your not-so-baby brother, I guess the only way to make him stop hogging the TV room is to pull out the plug of his PS2. Should I do that?

    Heh.. heh.. I AM WICKED!

    - Your Evil Stepmother -

  3. I don't like watching so much tv is bad for him! But what to do, he'll cry and we have no choice to concede in the end. I can't wait til we can send him to kindergarten. Then he'll have better things to do.

  4. An don't pull the plug on the PS2! I want to play too...hahaha

  5. yalah mummy- how about that kindergarten?

    And can i find out where you got the 52 episodes of alteman??

  6. Supposedly must toilet train first...and since I'm at home, I got to do it father bought it at some place in wangsa maju or something like that...

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