Now, most people would go on and say why they created their respective blogs in their first post. I don't think its necessary simply because isn't it already a well-known fact what it is for? To scribble whatever things that cross your mind and by your own reckoning, suitable for anyone in the World Wide Web to read (unless of course you restrict your blog, I knew that). Sure, some more organised minds are able to write blogs with verve and purpose like for example, a blog solely bent on discussing politics (we all know those) or even shoes (that's more like it).
Unfortunately, as the title of this entire blog suggests, I did not create this blog with a solid purpose in mind. Sorry-lah. Forgive me if my posts will seem all over the place and appear to be, well, just ramblings. Believe me when I say that I don't intend my blog to be popular or anything and you have no inclinations to continue reading if it just is jibberish to you. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Anyway, I don't have any grand plans for this blog as of now. My sudden luxury of time thanks to SPM ending not two weeks ago may have something to do with this blog. To be perfectly honest, I don't really relish the idea some may have about blogs. Sure, its completely up to an individual what he wants on his blog. We know how the Malaysian government is having problems with errant bloggers. Having said that though, to me, a blog should not be the backyard to air out dirty laundry. Or a marketplace to argue and squabble like fishmongers' wives. Frequent cyber-users should all be well-informed how some blogs, no matter how well (or not) their intentions are, turn out to be the spawning ground of defamatory remarks, rumours, lies (god-forbid), deviant religions (to the worst extent), and humiliation for some of the readers. We never know who may be reading our posts. I won't name names here, but I do know for fact that blogs could tell only one side of any story and be completely biased and superficial. What we say could incite anger, hurt, and embarassment in others. To me, one should never think that a blog is a safe place to vent feelings. Again, I stress, ANYONE can read a blog. Try as we might, how censored our words be, many people know how to read between the lines. Even now, as this post is being read, its sting may be felt by those guilty. Know this though, I will stand by my principles of blogging and God punish me if I don't.
I hope this post did not seem too intimidating or scary to say the least. Perhaps this is my first philosophy being published (har-di-har); that is, my philosophy on blogging.
Anyhow, allow me to feel proud of myself for completing my first post. I hope its a harbinger for more good trains of thought worth writing here. So, well, enjoy reading! Don't be shy to comment, it'll probably be for my own good. Hahaa...
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