Today, I:

  1. Woke up at 3am. Had fallen asleep with a headache and the light on. Brushed teeth then sambung tidur.
  2. Tossed and turned; Metallica kept playing in the background while truckload of choices, decisions, pros and cons and info were clanging noisily around in my head.
  3. Finally fell asleep around 5am I think. (Could hear the morning bird calls)
  4. Went to JPA's office in Putrajaya. Such a pretty place yet so empty. And stupid parking. Heard what I already knew and accepted it.
  5. Discuss, discuss, discuss - walking back to the car, in the car and over lunch.
  6. Went home. Moved slowly in my room, cleaning up and changing.
  7. Painted my nails electric blue. A sucker punch of colour always helps.
  8. Wandered aimlessly in cyberspace.
  9. Had a long, lighthearted conversation with Sofia, with whom I'll most probably be coursemates with, in that land (not so) far away. Told her to get a car since she has a C license already so that we can go outing. Haha.
  10. Then... Here I am, writing a silly post.

For further inquiries, (which I know there will be since I'm cleverly talking in code) please leave a comment below. Tee hee!

And, oh yeah...

11. I missed you! Where you been?! (metaphorically; you already told me after I asked you only a million times XD)

P.S. Why don't you call me this time? It's your turn!!! XP
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  1. | AiNaa K | Says:

    i like number 11.. ;))

  2. hey ainaa, this isn't facebook la! Kat sini pun nk 'like like'! Hahaha :D

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