At first, I thought I'd just scan old photos and put them up to show how my hair has evolved over the years in my previous post. But then, I got into flipping through the old albums and had a great laugh seeing how different I used to look like! So it evolved to this really big post with loads of pictures! Enjoy!

At one years hair is straight!!!


"Oh, I know I look so cute in this!"

Hair is starting to curl...

...and then, BAM!

Check out the hair!!!

Opposites - and I'm the darker one! :(

OMGWTF. Anak keling mana ni??!!!

Wah...rambut macam Mak Datin tau...

My Yellow Power Ranger Bag!

Phuket '98 - Staying cool in the sun!

Perth, 2000. I braided my hair and put beads in!

Primary 4 - The Beginning of the Tomboy Years

Primary 5 - I wore sneakers to school EVERYDAY, and I was a prefect!

This was my usual outfit during the Tomboy Years; t-shirt, big straight-leg jeans (oh, the horror) and my sneakers...

Primary 6 (I'm the one right in front with the least respect for school rules - rolled sleeves, unbuttoned top, and that BIG hair at the back)

(Try to ignore those horrible unplucked brows and frizz..)

Budak sekolah yang baik...

And so, the transformation begins...

When I cut it really really short

"I KEEL you!!!"

One day at Pusat Sains Negara...

Mrs Nordin's 70s & 80s themed birthday bash - Groovin' and movin' takes intense concentration!

Me and Mrs Nordin in our full costume!

Christmas Dinner 2008

New Year's Bash 2009

At my 18th Birthday Party

Pelajar cemerlang gitu... XD

Muka baru bangun tidur, haha! (Photo courtesy of Nizzar)

Dipaksa posing by the little cameraman... (Raya Haji 2009)

The little cameraman/Ultraman

P.S. This post took me ages to do! But I enjoyed it... stay tuned for Nostalgia 2...

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  1. | AiNaa K | Says:

    nostalgia gilaaa okayyyy! :))
    but i likeeee!

  2. MrsNordin Says:

    Hee.. hee... I like that picture of you and Nadim (yang tengah pejam mata) ~ groovin' & moving SURE takes intense concentration!

    Do more!!

  3. Ainaa, u buatlah your own version of nostalgia la! sure best! :D

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