There just isn't enough hours in a day to do all the things we want to do. Ideally, in a day I would want to:
-finish work and study
-online (Youtubing)
-update my blog
-wander in various blogs (shopping???)
-play badminton (azam baru!)
-daydream/waste time
-chit chat with friends for hours
-have something exciting happen (chic lit moment)

The thing is, that's rarely the case. No time can be wasted. Usually, I can fit only the 'work' part (when the study part is equally important, if not more) and the chit chat (a few minutes maybe).

Forget onlining long enough to update blog, see other blogs and Facebook and Youtube. Most of the time, its just a quick glance. Most of the time, I try staying away from Youtube 'cause its like a blissful endless black hole. Can't stay there too long, oh no.

And definitely forget any form of creative writing (Bio essays does NOT count). Honestly, I've had the urge to write again for a while now. Words swirling in my head, waiting to be written. But it isn't easy. Time is a problem. Getting down to it then getting hooked is another. From my past writing bends, I know its a habit of mine to get so totally immersed in it that I can go without sleep and just type until all the juice runs dry. The dry spell will last so long, that the story never finishes. In short, it could just be another excuse to not do what's more important. I wouldn't dare hope any story of mine shall be published, let alone finished.

But its like a holding a full bladder, waiting for a pimple to burst, squeezing your buttocks to hold in a shit.

I got to get out of my system somehow. Here? All I'm doing is complaining. Anyone can complain, even a child knows how to complain. This wasn't what I made my blog for!

I've heard and uttered these words, "I'm bored with my life..." "Hidupku bosan" "My life is boring..." Why wouldn't it when you're at a dead end of a place, surrounded by people who live and breathe to study themselves to the ground, and yeah, have no boyfriend. In fact, I think I'm beginning to create little infatuations just to make a day a little bit interesting. How pathetic.

We are all waiting for something exciting to happen to us. Something new. Something to distract us from all the pressures of work and study, mind-numbing boredom and routine, the heat, the STUPID BUGS, the ever-threatening breakout of stress pimples and an increasing waistline.

What am I saying. KL and here isn't that much different. In the sense that back there, I was still bored, still in a losing battle with bugs and hundreds of scars to prove it, I was still blissfully and admittedly single, still waiting for something exciting to happen. Truth is, I suppose its that point of life that they say as "waiting for the rest of your life to begin".

I thought beginning my Foundation was the opening chapter. But it turns out its just a short story in itself, and one that is on a steep decline towards the end. I can't wait for the 'real' book to begin.
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