Now that I've finished the grueling 9-month foundation which denied me of the luxury of updating my blog more often, I will try to write more. Because I actually really want to! There were several times I had bursts of inspiration to let fly my fingers over my dinky little laptop and just let thought translate to words. And you know me (if you don't, now you do :D), there are endless of things whirling in my head to talk about, and if not verbally, then on this single webpage in cyberspace.

In fact, I remember telling the interviewers at my JPA interview that I liked to talk. Came the reply, "Yes, we can see that." Haha.

But hey, expressing yourself is, I believe, very important and it is therapeutic. Seriously. Why else do people pay hundreds of dollars to see some guy with a degree in psychiatry, sit in a big comfy chair and spend the next hour just talking? I daresay, talking is good for you. Its the easiest way to express yourself. After all, even before we learned to walk, our parents would first teach us how say 'mummy' or 'daddy'. Words came first. It is Man's most relied upon mean of communication with each other. And needless to say, the power of the word is, well, powerful. Yeah.

Ok, beginning to talk crap here. :)

Ah, but that is what talking is all about, isn't it? Its about crapping (not the actual moving of bowels, mind you), bullshitting, puffing out air and some words strung together in hopes of resembling a sentence. Does it matter whether it means anything? Not really. Does it matter whether people understand you? *laughs with head dramatically thrown back* No. Why? Because really, how many people take the time to actually listen and try to empathise, to understand? Not many. And sometimes, the talker frankly does not give a damn whether what he said lit up a bloody candle in the listener. Sometimes, it's all about letting something off your chest. From personal experience, I know that once the thing, which is squatting on your brain and messing up the other more important matters you should be more concerned with, is released by communication, it quickly becomes so little in importance that you wonder why it bothered you so much in the first place.

Of course, it would do you and your victimised listener more good if you realised that earlier. Way before you had to waste energy just venting. But! at that moment of distress, the parasite was eating away at your sanity, you can't think of anything else. So you gotta let it out. Like I always say, never bottle up your feelings with hopes it will all go away. It may just lie dormant for a while, but these things tend to pile up like dust bunnies under your bed and you can't keep trying to just sweep them under the rug. The rug is only so big. There ain't gonna be enough rug after a while. And no, don't go looking for another rug, silly. Throw those annoying dust bunnies out for DBKL to pick up! (DBKL in this case being your lucky friend or stranger that gets to listen to or read your crap)

Ah, crapping is good for you! (Both meanings apply XD)

Another thing, I think it's a shame when people hold themselves back because of the fear of being judged when you do open your mouth and let your thoughts be said aloud. It's a shame when you don't talk because you think no one is gonna listen. Take my advice, don't care about all that. Be selfish. Think about your satisfaction from blowing off some of that steam. The person on the receiving end need not even be someone you know well. And if you are so humane, choose a safe place where if anyone comes across your steaming pile of crap, they can choose to stay or walk away and you couldn't care less either way. Nowadays, there are so many places that people tell stuff like "Hey I just had a shit and the turd's huge, dude!" to the whole world! LOL. Places like Twitter, Facebook. Like a blog. :)

In fact, I honestly don't care if my blog has many followers, let alone be read by more than 3 people (and one of them being me, haha). I don't care whether you agree or disagree with me. I don't care if you don't like what I say. I don't care if you don't bloody like me. Because I wasn't born to be aesthetically pleasing and perfect. I'm not here to please others. I'm here because I still want to be here. And while we still breathe the same air on this tiny place called Earth, we'll just have to accept it and make the most of it. Live with it.

Somebody's T-shirt reads: "MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR"

I love that saying for more than one reason.


Oops. HAHAHA....

P.S. I just realised just how many references I made to ahem, faeces, in this post. I swear, it is was purely coincidental. And has absolutely NOTHING to do with any personal issues on the subject. XD Hahahaha...

P.P.S. I confess, there was a time when I wondered whether the URL for my blog was appropriate because other blog URLs were much simpler. Now I know for sure that it suits perfect all along. :)

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