Its interesting how the times I come and write in my blog, its when a quiz, exam or assignment due date is nearby. I guess its how I try to escape the stress. Urrrgh, stress! Quiz next week, newscasting assignment and no matter how interesting we're doing it, it's taking up SO much time - something we lack - on the 7th of January, losing my IC, student ID, thumbdrive, keys, cards, new phone....and of course, the constant feeling of lack of study.

You know when you're exhausted whenever you sleep, you wake up feeling tired still and your eyes all puffy. And the backache. And headache.

I'm getting old ahead of my time.

At least there'll be a lot of 'laugh lines' because at least I can still laugh. Ever tried going to Youtube and watching sick and inane videos like "World's Largest Zit Ever" and "My exploding cyst"? (interested? )

For that memorable experience, I have to thank Faris and Sofia. You guys really know how to digress. Good digression though. :)

P.S. I don't think I can look at cottage cheese the same way again.
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