Actually, I'm really stealing a moment here to wite this post. I'm supposed to be finishing my Bio report due this Friday but what the hell.

For some reason, I swore a lot today. Maybe 'cause this morning was my group's first discussion about our English newscasting assignment and being in a group of 4 boys and 2 girls, keluarlah all the profanities pagi-pagi lagi. God, I forgot how good it feels to swear sometimes. LOL. But maybe there are other reasons why.

Last Sunday night was the First Beat VI here, the theme - Fright Night i.e. Halloween. So from Saturday evening until night we were there at the basement hall (the concert was underground - cool) putting up the decorations. We made little ghosts, spiders, cobwebs and with a burst of inspiration, a huge scarecrow out of tree branches and drapery using (borrowed from the janitor's store a.k.a. stolen) toilet paper. We also had pumpkins, tombstones and scary faces hanging from the ceiling. The final result was pretty darn good, if I say so myself. For one thing, everything did come together nicely although it was pretty last minute and we had not much resources to work with. Kudos to the whole decorating comittee! Job well done people.

Then here comes the worst bit. My phone got stolen. Yes, STOLEN. It was there in my pouch, in my bag, on a table in a hall full of people. But the asshole who took it was damn clever because one, no CCTV in the basement hall (in a campus with CCTV EVERYWHERE, there aren't any there) and two, everybody was busy doing stuff. No one noticed someone who was not involved go to that table, rummage through my bag, take my phone and some cash from my friend's wallet and leave. But some did see a bunch of dickwads with no purpose of being there come by, look around and go. It would be a gross understatement if I said I was not upset. No matter how kerepot that phone has become (can't detect miss calls, camera not working, dies for no reason, got bite marks, paint chipped etc.) I love it still. Call me a sentimental bag of mush, but yeah, I cried and cursed the asshole who took it from me. May he rot in hell, the bastard.

Cursing done with, moving on to the First Beat itself. Simply put, it was really good. For me. I really enjoyed it. I don't know how much others may share the same sentiments as me, but to me it had to be one of the best nights of rock music I have ever had (#1 being the time I went to see Linkin Park live). First of all, not only was the setting good (thanks to us) but some people who went, my group of friends included, took great care and effort for our outfits. I decorated my own mask, bought a new dress and new shoes just for that night. And I think we looked awesome. Sarah with her Japanese style and boots, Sofia with 'emo giler' eyeliner and rocker look, Aliya looking like an edgy Egyptian princess, Faris like some phantom piano maestro (haha), Nana looking every bit like a rocker chic with her black zip bodice and electric blue chiffon, and then me, (in Sarah's words) classy and vintage. Hehe.

Also begging mention is Siva, (picture this) with his cowboy hat, leather cape, wrestler-like belt and Wellingtons! (you know those rubber boots? yeah those) Then Audrey, who won the Best Dressed Female, with her handmade dress with this huge wire hoop and flowing train. Also, Asha with her belly dancer costume (sexxayy!), Francis looking exactly like The Joker, and my own personal favourite, the jihad terrorist (no need to mention the name here).

The concert had a lot of good rock music. Especially towards the end. Nana performed with the newly-formed band, Inphyrite. Faris played the keyboard and the infinitely cool Shanwayne on guitar. Her voice was great. People also really enjoyed Monisha's performance, singing "Zombie" by Cranberries. That got people jumping.

There was also beatboxing, and it was really cool. Especially when Vikram (the beatboxing pro) and Gordon (who's got this awesome voice btw) did "Stand By Me". It was really cool and interesting. Then were the rock songs. There was one performance where they did an instrumental of Jimi Hendrix's song (damn it I can't remember what, Joe something I think) and even better one where the band played their own original composition, also purely instrumental. It was reminiscent of that pure, classic metal you can't get much anymore. It was very much like a Metallica ballad - I died and went to heaven during that song, seriously. Pity the sound system wasn't that great. Then, the topping on the cake was Fuse, a returning band from previous First Beats. The moement they said they were going to play Metallica, I died again and went to heaven, again. They played "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "The Memory Remains" then went on to sing Megadeth's version of Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK" and "Kill The King". They also did a freestyle jam in between. They were really cool dudes - I love their taste in music.

So yeah, after a while I just thought "what the hell" and took off my shoes, and did a good measure of screaming and headbanging. Seriously good therapy actually. Until today, the rock vibe is still strong and even when I'm doing my work and listening to my headphones, I'd do a bit of headshaking and feet tapping, although I'm sitting right there in the open in the library. Who cares!

What also infuriates me is that there are still some close-minded people who think rock is trash and head-banging is some sort of crime. What is wrong in enjoying yourself, letting go for a while and letting yourself immerse in some good, live music? It's not always you get to see a gig like this, although the performers are all students and you only paid a measly RM6. To me, if they charged more, I would STILL go. Not because 'its the place to be' crap, or some kind of 'semangat AIMST' thing, but because the knowledge that students who sincerely want to play some great songs that you probably would never see live by the real band (Metallica in Malaysia? Seriously). To put it simply, if you know you can never have a single ounce of appreciation for live rock music, think that the people you enjoy it are idiots (only a bigger idiot can identify with another idiot, fyi) and yet you still want to show your face there, you're wasting your time complaining and making snooty remarks. You'll just make people, like me, vent like some mad train on her blog in the middle of the night when she should either be sleeping or doing work. You know, when I hear these things, it makes me an even bigger fan of rock music. (While under the pretense of searching info online, there I was, watching videos of Metallica on Youtube) So thanks a lot. You have made me a bigger fan and and even bigger advocate against narrow-mindedness everywhere. Salute! XP

P.S. Ok, its not just the phone and narrow-minded dimwits, I'm also SAKIT HATI. This angst music is just complementing with my current state of mind. Its like this underlying misery just waiting to eat away at me. I wish I never got stuck in this. Now its too late. Damn you.
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