Since today is one of those rare days when there is only ONE HOUR of lecture this evening, I might as well take this opportunity to post something short. Hopefully short.

I know I should be doing all those Bio and Physics notes I'm so determined to do, or start on that lab report (due next week though) or even plain ol' study right now. Instead, I've been doing laundry and moving about quite slowly I guess because suddenly it's already 11am. Anyway, I just want to mention some things that have been going on these past 2 1/2 weeks here after the break.

I guess you could say that it has been quite eventful. The first night back there was the Ramli Ibrahim classical Indian dance concert here. I got to take a photo with him. The first day of class was unremarkable because the lecturers didn't start teaching anything yet. We all were just excited to see everybody again I suppose. Certain people, more so. :)

On the social scene, the first week was packed with birthdays and somehow or rather, my batch has a thing for celebrating birthdays. That week, there were 3 surprise birthday parties and for all 3, I was in the committe that went to buy the cakes. All 3 were Secret Recipes. Imagine, that Monday and Tuesday of the first week we went to CS to buy the cakes, 2 days in a row! The 3rd time, thankfully, we went to the other Secret Recipe branch at Village Mall. If we went for the 3rd time to the same shop, the workers there will surely look as us strangely because it was the same faces again! But I love the feeling of being part of something which will make someone feel special on their special day. :)

I also joined the Movie Club recently. It was fun to discuss which movies to play for our weekly movie screening at the Medical building because there were so many nice movies out there. Sakkun and I also became the 2 people in charge of taking donations. Our earnings weren't as good but it was our first time I guess and it depends on the movie playing and how many who showed up. Last week was Sweeney Todd.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to First Beat, our university's own talent show/party. The theme this year is Halloween (they had wanted to make it on Halloween itself but not enough time). Naturally, our gang already bought our masks the first week itself and last weekend we bought our dresses. I won't spoil it here for those who don't know yet but I daresay our dresses was worth the money and searching. :D However, I'm still not 100% sure which shoes I'll be wearing! Another trip to CS is already planned. LOL.

Oh yeah, I've started wearing contact lenses. It still needs getting used to seeing my face without the glasses. But I've wanted to wear them for a long time and since I'll be wearing a mask on First Beat, I need to get contacts anyway. So I thought, why not start now? I tell you, the look on some people's faces when they saw me. It was AWESOME. Hahaha. Everybody says I look better. I'm glad I'm those lucky few who don't get eyebags from wearing glasses. So yeah, forgive me if I sound like a braggart, but I'm feeling really good right now. Despite that our exam results are coming out soon. Despite that I'm still unsure. I'm great! :D :D :D
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