Ok, so I'm back in KL for a cruelly short term break. Its so unfair! The FIS July batch only gets a week off after 3 months of slave labour. This is what you get when you join the 'express' batch. Great.

My uncle's persandingan was last Friday and even at my advanced age, I was one of the flowergirls. Which is ok by me since I've been anticipating the day my uncke would get married. However, I did think I was way too old to be sitting on the steps of the pelamin, legs daintily crossed under such that you'll completely lose sensation in one buttock after a while, and smile sweetly as people watched. Been there, done that. I'm a veteran. Its time to let the young 'uns do the hard work. Anyway, the whole affair was tiring but enjoyable too. Best wishes to my beloved uncle and new aunt, may they have all the happiness in the world together. :)

Now, the best thing about being back is the food. Food is a Godsend. As expected from a multiracial cafeteria, there is no pork and no beef at the university. Since I'm a born and bred meat-eater, is it any wonder that the first thing I ate when I arrived in KL at about 11pm is steak? On top of that, the following Saturday, we went to a not officially opened steak shop. My father had been raving about this place since the first time I came back to KL, but the place is all the way in Subang. But lucky me, the chef, who once worked in the Buckingham Palace (yes, the one and only) is opening a branch right in my neighbourhood! So this guy is a master butcher and an expert at preparing the best meat around. So the concept is that you select the fresh meat (like at a butcher shop) and they will prepare it for you. You don't pay for the cooking, just the meat. Its very simple fare but the meat in itself is so good, you really don't have to bother with other accompaniments.

We had Wagyu beef, ribs, lamb shanks and the best of it all, Chateu Brion (I hope that's the correct spelling) which is tenderloin beef. It was superb! I ate so much that towards the end of the 4 courses, everybody said my face was red! (At times like these, don't be stupid enough to check your blood pressure) But seriously, it was so good, I could say that it will compensate for the next few months when I get back to uni. I mean, such feasts once in a while is acceptable, but once in a while must be stressed. And in my case, it really isn't that often. I can get away with it. Hehe.

So that pretty much sums up the weekend so far. I really am taking advantage of the fact that I don't need to study (yet), hence have the time to ramble a bit here. Its true that I barely have the time to do work, study and have some downtime (online shopping included!) while I'm there, yet alone post an update on my blog. Somehow, blogging, for me at least, takes a while. Furthermore, I mistakenly left my diary there so yeah, I am in need of medium to vent. So this is it.

*tapping nails on keyboard*

Oh never mind.
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