Its already the 3rd weekend since I've been here and the only weekend we DIDN'T go out. It was a collective decision not to - we spend like mad everytime we do! The first time, around RM80, the second time, about RM100 (although in my defense, the second time around I had to buy my train ticket home for raya in advance, so about RM50 gone just for that).

All the JPA scholars tengah bengang because our allowance hasn't been wired into accounts yet. Heck, we haven't even received our ATM cards yet. Arrgh. But there has been word that they'll send a lump sum in the end of this month. I hope so. The books have been quite expensive. And we also wouldn't mind some cash to play around with. Hehe.

This week was ok. Only on Friday did I really feel the wear and tear. I've become like quite the old maid - having back pain. Boohoo. So I've taught Sofia how to picit belakang. Its quite a scene to see her pressing against my back in the middle of the cafeteria and me going, "Kuat lagi! Kuat lagi!" XD

They have a free screening of a movie every Friday night and this week was "The Graduate" with Dustin Hoffman. He was really young in that movie. I've always wanted to watch that movie and it did turn out to be a good one. And the thing we all agreed on was how nice the songs were. Especially that song by Simon and Garfunkel, "Scarborough Fair/Canticle".

We've also sort of acquired a habit of haunting the cafeteria. We'd get carried away chit-chatting about all kinds of things. And at some point, Faris will start raving all over again about Michael Jackson, bless him. And most of the time, it'll be all girls and he'll be the only guy at the table. So after the movie we took to our haunting place and if the talking wasn't enough, we kept eating too! It didn't help that everybody else in the cafeteria was buying food and the aroma kept wafting over to us and making us hungry when it was already after 10pm. So yeah, I had an ice-cream and a pau. We only made our way back at 1am.

Like we had planned earlier on, we girls had a slumber party! Alia's room was empty that night, so me, Sofia, Nana and Sakkun took our pillows and blankets to crash Alia's room. And like a true girl slumber party, we painted our nails with the nail polish we all bought at SP last weekend (my nails are now a dark sea green :)) We were quite noisy and we only slept around 4am on a couple mattresses that we put on the floor. Any wonder the following morning we woke up at almost noon, haha.

The weather here has been either sunny or raining. Yesterday it rained in the afternoon while we were marooned at the cafeteria (again). Our umbrellas were put to the test with all the rain and wind this week. In fact, the other day it rained really heavily and I got my shoes and jeans drenched. Imagine my frustration when it turned out that class was cancelled after I got there - Grrr! So far, at least once our umbrellas have upsided. We laugh ourselves silly when that happens.

I think I've been hogging the laptop and rambling for a quite a while now, so until next time, cheers!

Slumber party!

Battling the wind and rain

Umbrella Upsided!

Best main hujan... :D

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