The first thing I did on Merdeka morning (okay, not exactly morning since I woke up at nearly 12pm), was check my phone and find out from Aliya that the orders for clothes at is closed! Oh, the anguish!

So the next thing I did was take out my dinky little HP Notebook, connect to this unknown wireless connection we love taking advantage of, and go online to check the site. I want that dress so badly!

Aliya said she called the girl managing the site and she said she'll try asking if she can fit in another order. My fingers are crossed!

So anyway, since I was online, I've been looking at other local blogshops and every other minute or so, a little sqeal will escape my lips as I scroll down gorgeous items and dirt-cheap prices. Its SOOO tempting to just place an order and have this stuff mailed to AIMST. Seems incredulous but the other girls have joined the bandwagon. Recently, a friend bought these awesome white patent leather heel boots and had it mailed HERE. Amazing.

I've been like this since last Friday. In fact, we all camped in Aliya's room, each with our own laptops and went surfing that night after watching a movie. Me, Aliya and Nana were surfing for clothes and accessories until 4am. Tak jadi sahur.

Same thing happened last night. Coming back from buka puasa at McD (I finally got to taste meat after a long time; had a Quarter Pounder haha) and a shopping stint in CS, I suddenly decided to do makeovers for Sakkunthala and Sofia with my liquid eyeliner and mascara. And with total bragging rights, I must say they looked FAB. At the same time, I was online looking at the hundreds of clothes. We went down at 1am with an excuse to have early sahur but to be honest, we were just hungry. But by the time we reached there, the kitchen was closed. So went back up, opted for the food available in my closet and continued onlining. Slept at 6am. It was funny that when we started to sahur at 2, my other two roommates were about to sleep, but then later at 5 when they woke up to sahur, we were still on the sofa surrounded by food. When they came back, we were also still awake. Hence, slept at 6. Hee heee.

So here I am, deciding to chronicle a few very crazy accounts of this long weekend. To sum it up, I went out on Friday and Sunday. Its a good thing I decided last minute to not follow Sarah and the rest who incidentally went out to Queensbay Mall in Penang and spent 2 whole hours in Forever 21 (its at times like these that I miss KL). Only God knows what I was capable of if I did go with them. Up to now, I'm already become a follower for 5 blogshops I think and maybe more to come.

P.S. My quiz week starts tomorrow. Supposed to be studying. Naughty naughty.... (looks like its gonna be another late night... XD)

P.P.S. Coincidence?: I went to Bank Islam on Friday after class to get my ATM card. Soooo.... JPA money is IN! LOL
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