This is my second weekend in AIMST and only now do I have a chance to really write down what has been going on. Not that its been hectic, but sitting down to write about everything takes loads of time and I don't actually have my own laptop just yet. *hint hint!
But luckily each room has an internet port and all my other room mates have laptops, yay!
Then again, there are so many computers and free internet here that I actually don't have much of an excuse for not writing this post sooner.
Anyway, let's talk about what I've been up to.
Over a week ago, I finally registered into university; AIMST that is. Since then, I've been pretty much loving every minute of being here. Seriously. It's been so much fun!
I've been really lucky. The place is just awesome. And at the beginning, there were already a few friends here too, Sofia and Faris. We spent our first night here wandering around campus after dinner, exploring and 'menikmati keheningan malam.' Haha. There was a point where we just sat on the benches near the lake. I siap baring on the bench to look up to the night sky. But then, Sofia and a friend of ours, Leonard were sharing a bench so a pak guard from afar dah mulalah fikir bukan-bukan. Before he could blow his whistle on us, we pun cabutlah. Heehee.
Orientation was just 2 days. The first day was mostly briefings about students affairs and stuff that we should know. They also took us on a tour of the library. My God, that place is freezing. In fact, my friend Sarah calls it 'The Human Freezer.' It's colder than a bloody morgue. Everytime we go there, (which is almost everyday; rajin betul ;)) wajib bring a jacket or cardigan. The lecture hall is also really cold. I sure hope I don't get sick from going from hot to cold, then cold to hot regions too often.
2nd day of orientation is what I call 'soft ragging'. The university is stern about this being a 'ragging-free zone' but our foundation seniors (from the May batch) obviously took the opportunity to torture us, a teeny bit. The moment we heard that we were to wear sports attire and gather at the sports complex at 8am and worst of all, wear dark clothing (a sure sign water, mud, and flour was going to be involved), we knew it. The first activity was icebreaking then we got into groups. Then we had to create an identity for our group by doing a poster with the group logo and name, cheer, dance and a costume for the group leader with newspaper and tape. Honestly, the stuff we all came up with was hilarious. A highlight was the moment Faris got famous by doing the MJ moonwalk in front of everybody. Now he's known as 'the one that did the moonwalk.' Hahaha. The seniors also opened the floor to dance and there were some really cool performances and impromptu krumping and shuffling. So cool. I only wish I had a camera then. Darn.
After lunch was when the torture began. We had to play all sorts of 'sukaneka' type of races and games, and some were pretty impossible to do. I fell down twice, once during the 'tug of war' when my group did the final, massive tug that won us the game. Another during the race where we had to put our feet in mud, ice water and congealed flour then crawl under crisscrossed strings (like that exercise in military training). I slipped on the flour and mud during the crawl so my whole front was covered with sticky white stuff and grass. We lost that one so as punishment, the other team could douse us with a pail of water. It was so hot that day that we all became gluttons for punishment. Me and my big mouth, calling for the guy, Surin to quickly fling the water over - in the end I was the only one that got wet. But it felt sooo good! At least for a while - my clothes dried quite fast under the sun. Surin sort of felt guilty afterwards and kept apologising, hehe. After all the games, we were beat. Thank God I'll never have to do orientation ever again!
The first Saturday here we already made to visit Sungai Petani or SP to watch Harry Potter. But my God, it was so hard to get out of AIMST. We waited for the bus for over an hour, then finally managed to get a taxi. In the end we missed the movie because people in SP apparently do watch Harry Potter so the tickets were sold out. Went shopping instead, ahaha.
The first week of classes has actually been pretty relaxed. Our timetable isn't actually packed so Sofia and I now frequent the library in between the lectures in the morning and the tutorials in the afternoon. Its also because we've come to a horrible realisation that we forgot a massive chunk of our Form 4- and 5-acquired knowledge. And the competition here is tough. 300 students, most of which vying for Medicine seats. Yikes.
Today I spent the whole day chit-chatting. First with my housemate for 2 hours then sambung during roti canai lunch. Then the rest of the gang joined us and we spent all day, until dinner, just sembang-sembang about all kinds of stuff. After dinner, we went to the track and field where we just went round and round the track, listening to songs and getting bitten by mosquitoes. Then at 9.30 we kena halau again by a pak guard. Then sambung lagi chit chatting at the cafeteria. I see a trend coming. HAHA.
Here's some photos. (all photos courtesy my camera phone)

My bed

My desk (notice the open Chemistry book -rajin betul huh...^_^)

The living room and pantry of the apartment

The pantry

Check out the beautiful scenery just outside my room window!

Sunset from my window...

Our new little friend

Hahaha! Sofia tak pakai kain!!!

The female hostels

The Dental faculty building (all our lectures and tutorials are conducted here)

Far left: Student centre and cafeteria; right: library; far right: Dental and Engineering building (beyond that, in the centre is the admin building)

first floor of the cafeteria

Atrium of the 'Human Freezer'

Sports complex

And now...

Photos of outing day!!!

On our way to the bus-stop, sempat berposing with our umbrellas...

Minah Payung!!!

All the gals...

(Alia, Sofia, Sarah, Nana, Sakkunthala and Lily)

Lunch at KFC...lepas penat berjalan and braving SP traffic

Back at our hangout at the cafeteria (with our 'stepdad' Faris, haha)


P.S. The first part of this post was done last Saturday before our second outing but I could only finish it today - all thanks to my dahling Sofia for lending me her laptop! ;)

P.P.S. The weather here has been awesome. That's why the photos are so pretty...:)

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