I have always felt that my dreams when I sleep were often really strange. I never can guess what does it really mean. I know there are many 'People say that'-kind of interpretations. Like losing teeth means someone close to you is going to die. Or getting bitten by a snake means you are going to meet your soulmate or 'jodoh' soon. But since my dreams usually border on being completely nonsensical, I'd like to wager if anyone can make sense of what my dreams are made of.

One dream that I still remember, which I had when I was 6 I think, was about a few friends and I being kidnapped. It wasn't as scary as kidnapping goes because it was as if we were just carpooling with our teacher, just that this time she drove a truck. The cargo room at the back of the truck became this really cool playroom with lots of toys, hammocks and pillows. So we were having loads of fun but then it turned out that we were being driven to the South Pole. Then I woke up. And another around the same time was I dreamt that my family owned a zoo or aquarium because it had all of us hosing down a whale. Haha, weird.

My nightmares were also really weird. The scarier ones always have a similar theme - big, old and abandoned buildings, lack of people and huge spaces. And by huge spaces, I mean really huge, until you have this sense of vertigo and emptiness. And usually there will also be staircases and elevators, in a really creepy way. The staircases were always very steep and high, you felt that it led somewhere you didn't want to go. Same thing about the elevators, I'm always alone...so many floors...opening to dark rooms...or long hallways... *Shiver*

I don't remember ever having a dream that when I woke up, I felt happy. They were either ludicrous, weird or creepy. I cried myself awake once when I dreamt that my mother was leaving me (it was when I was little) but in fact, that morning she was going to Hong Kong for a few days. But happy? Does anyone ever wake up from a dream feeling happy?

But another thing about my dreams is that I always dream about the guys I've liked. Every single one. (At least the ones that were 'important'; no Gerard Butler though.) In these cases, I've tried futilely to interpret them. Once, I dreamt that the guy I liked (then) was with me and it seemed ok but he was always avoiding my eye or worse, trying to avoid me altogether! So I took this as a bad omen. That time, in reality, I was trying to get his attention. Then, at a time I wanted to forget him, he would show up in my dreams, smiling and reminding me of him. It was very frustrating.

Now the question is, if I dream about a certain someone, does that translate that my mind is actually thinking about him or at least, wants me to think about him? Because the fact is, after you had a dream that was different, you tend to mull over it for a while. So the result is, you end up thinking about that person. And it can be particularly puzzling if in that dream, it was good situation so you then ask yourself, what if I try to make that happen? Would the outcome be as good as in the dream?

Hmmm. I don't know.

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  1. sofia Says:

    maybe...dreams are a way for our subconscious mind to really say what they mean instead of the suppressed thoughts we usually have when were awake. i usually dont remember my dreams :D heehee

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