I haven't written any posts in a while, considering that there is still not much for me to write. Yet, that isn't wholly accurate as there really are a lot of potential topics to write on; anything from the movie I watched last night (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) to something in an attempt to be philosophical to justify the title of my blog.

The fact is, I have been a true lady of leisure so to speak, fully utilising the hours of my day with nothing. On top of that, with the unconscious knowledge that my really long holiday is almost up, the amount my daily activities frighteningly whittle down all the more. It's a millimetre shy from being unhealthy.

But what can I do. I say, just enjoy the luxury of having nothing to do while I still can. After all, as a aspiring Medical student and doctor, that is a luxury that I will probably only have when I'm so old and physically incapacitated, I need help to get to the bathroom and remembering my grandchildren's names. No kidding.

The only scant development I can see in my own person is the length of my hair, the increased distance that the pointer of the weighing machine has to travel when I park my bum on it, and... oh, that's it really. Ha.

Bitterly sarcastic comments aside, the other change I think I can note - while I'm still rambling about sadly unimportant details of my vacationing self - is my strange, newfound appreciation for music that, I quote my very own music critic 3 year-old brother, "bising". I'm dead serious. He actually said, "Bisinglah, Alla." (He calls me Alla) when I was listening to an Incubus song. And Incubus is fairly mainstream rock. Which isn't as bad in comparison to the other songs now crammed on my heavily burdened phone memory card.

I thank (while the other members of the household would blame) Guitar Hero 3 for this higher appreciation for rock. If you're one of the few who haven't ever heard of Guitar Hero 3 (I mean, they even mention it on Channel V), it's a video game. Now, don't roll your eyes just yet. It's totally a unique game and really cool. The concept is simple - press the correct buttons corresponding to the ones moving down the screen to play the guitar for a rock song. The Career mode is about you progressing as a guitar player in a band, from an obscure bunch of dudes playing from their backyard to 'Guitar God' status. The best bit is the songs you get to play. Most of the songs, even if you're naturally not into rock, are nice.

Proving that real rock music are from another era, most of the songs are old. And I mean, old. There were some that were made before I was even born and by bands that not too long ago, I would never fathom I'd ever listen to in my lifetime. The first five songs you play are the easiest and some of the oldest. There was Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (1980) and Kiss' "Rock and Roll All Night" (1979). Then to name a few, there's Scorpion's "Rock You Like A Hurricane" (1984), Aerosmith's "Same Old Song And Dance" (1974), Gun's N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" (1987) and Santana's cover for Fleetwood Mac's "Black Magic Woman" (Fleetwood Mac-1968, Santana-1970). Not forgetting my ultimate favourite in the game, Metallica's "One" (1988).

As you can see, they're old rock bands and classic songs. And they're actually and quite surprisingly nice to hear. But not all the songs were old, some were very recent hits like Muse's "Knights of Cydonia", Kaiser Chief's "Ruby", The Killers' "When You Were Young" and AFI's "Miss Murder".

The moment I could get my hands on my sister's laptop and Limewire, I downloaded almost all of the songs featured in the game. And when that wasn't enough, my music antennae was on alert for more rock songs to add to my collection. So, suddenly here I was, listening to more of Metallica's songs (my affinity with the band is significant considering that Apocalyptica covers a lot of their songs) and another band called Dream Theater, also a progressive metal band and pretty old too.

I consider myself as always being a rather rock chick for a long time (my first CD that I can call mine was Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory when I was 10). But I never imagined bands older than me - and those of which I know only because you have to be a total frog under a coconut to not know names like Scorpions, Santana, Aerosmith, Gun's N Roses and Metallica - would make their way into my phone/mp3 player. And since Metallica and ACDC has new albums, I've been watching these middle-aged dudes rocking on MTV and Channel V too. Seriously. XD

But it's pretty amazing how a video game (which I myself didn't buy - kudos to brother Nadim) could open my musical pallette like this. It's fascinating how certain things can influence you in such a way. Refreshing. Like Metallica's lyrics in "Nothing Else Matters": Never opened myself this way...everyday for us something new...open mind for a different view...All these words I don't just say...And nothing else matters...

You guys should really give it a try; who knows that you'd find out that you're actually a true rocker at heart and you didn't have a clue.

P.S. For more about the game and to check out its awesome song list (click Tracks from the homepage), go to the official website by clicking here.
P.P.S. I believe Guitar Hero 4 is coming out but it's for PS3 and XBox. Darn.
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  1. MrsNordin Says:

    Scorpions, Metallica, Guns & Roses were all big bands in the 80's. I used to love them as well when I was in the UK, having been introduced to their music by the boys at Univ. They call it Heavy Metal.

    That Guitar Hero sounds like fun. Hope I could get my hands on it one day!

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