I noticed from the blogs I've read that each post is quite short and quick to the point. Which I think is quite effective, in the sense that you don't get an eyestrain or something from reading. In comparison, my posts oftentime seem really long. And I don't particularly think it's a very good thing, because one can get bored and just stop halfway. I definitely cannot profess that I'm such a good writer to the point that my scribbles are all worth reading and never tiresome. Urrgh. Even the language I use seem pretentious.

Well, I really am awfully sorry if this all really does ring true. My problem is that once I get typing, I tend to write too much and all sorts of ideas flit in and out in between. Most of the time, I make a mental note to elaborate on a certain point I somehow came across during my thought process (although it had no link whatsoever to the current writing).

But I never do. Why? Because 1) I'll forget; 2) Writer's block; and 3) I forgot what I wanted to say in the first place.

Any wonder that my so-called debut novel is currently indefinitely stalled until further notice.

Instead, here I am daydreaming my days away with all the other stories (not the one I'm supposed to be developing) that I have. To the point that I was seriously considering breaking into my brother's room (although I have no idea how I'll manage it, what with the mysterious smell that lingers in there and all that 'boy's room' mess) to get back my ancient Windows 95 computer that still stores all my failed attempts at fiction-writing.

FYI: There is virtually no point in retrieving that bloody computer anyway because thanks to its utter antiquity, no printer can print from it and no disk, thumbdrive, anything can transport its contents to a more advanced computer.

In short, no hopes there!

Unless I rewrite the whole story again... (yeah, sure...all 60+ pages!)

Or I could just continue with futile hopes that some brilliant computer technician out there can extract it when I'm done.... (highly unlikely)

Or I could just finish that bloody novel that I started and be done with it... (if only I could find that thread of thought that so cleverly eludes me!!!)

Ugh. Blabbing again.
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