While the amour is still hot for 'em, might as well just do a short itty bitty post about two guys who rock my world!

#1: Gerard Butler. There is no other celebrity in the world whom I've held a candle for this long. Everything about him makes me melt on the inside. I've loved him from the moment I saw his piercing green eyes when he was the Phantom of the Opera. The best part? He's not married (yet). My most insane desire that I could ever blurt out is him whisking me away into the sunset and marrying me. Reality check! Fat chance. Haha.

By the way, there were sooo many tribute videos for my #1 man and I was terribly spoilt for choice (he's hot in every one anyway!). Should I bother telling you guys to check them out? Hehehe. Anyway, this is a superb one. I feel like crying with every picture. He's too hot... To be real! (There's one in there with him in a pink shirt and a kilt - hahaha, so cute :D)

#2: Paavo Lotjonen (his name isn't actually spelled that way, but I haven't a clue how to put symbols in). Ok, ok. This is fairly new, but boy, my candle is burning bright! (That sounds kinda funny to me but what the heck) Forgive me if this begins to sound repetitive, but yes, he is a member of Apocalyptica. And I'm really into Apocalyptica right now - not that my loyalties will change when the storm blows over, but when I'm into something, I can't stop talking about it.

Anyways, Youtube is my new best friend and I can't stop watching videos of their live performances. I can't help it that I find him sexy, can I? (I don't quite understand it either but yes, he's got serious sex appeal for a cellist) Unlike my darling Mr. Butler however, he's a happily married man with 3 kids. Sigh. But I love him anyway.

There's a funny bit at the end! So cute. :D


P.S. Hey, I just noticed something. They both are like rock stars! (technically, Paavo really is one while Gerard sure dresses like one) I like my rock stars... LOL
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