My family's New Year party had to be the best ever yet. It wasn't a big do or anything, but there were lots of noise, whooping, confetti and 'snow' spray. And karaoke. There had to be karaoke.

But the party is of course an optimistic ushering in of the New Year. Its never a good thing to begin the year on a sad, forbidding, or pessimistic note. Knowing that 2009 has been billed a rough year to come, globally and personally, one still must remain optimistic.

My father demanded I sit down and share my New Year's resolutions this morning after brunch (we slept well into the hours of the morning, hence the lie-in). I decided the night before that I would not have any 'resolutions'. Despite all the hoo-haa on New Year, one could not help feeling a little melancholic. Uncertainty clouds the path for me. One must allow oneself a moment's hesitation before stepping, eyes closed, into a patch of fog. So I thought that I would not burden myself with resolutions to accomplish, something uncertain to say the least. Instead, I termed them 'Things to look forward to'. It sounds much more optimistic than resolutions. 'Things to look forward to' sound more believable, more certain than resolutions that you have to abide by and more often, forgotten or cast aside come February. But 'Things to look forward to' are not concrete. The Future will always be foggy. Yet, to me, this term sounds comforting. In my ears, these things will happen.

So here are some examples..I look forward to:
-getting my SPM results (good, I hope)
-turning 18!
-going to college

There are a few more of course, and these are very very foggy ones. Ones that have more difficult steps, hard work, and faith above all. But I look forward to whatever 2009 may bring, good and bad, and with that, I can only hope for the best.
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