After the more serious post before, that took a long time to finish (to the disapproval of the other members of the household), I want to write something short and easier to relate to.

I've read a few blogs, and each are unique, and most are about simple stuff. My stepmom said that blogs written by teenagers (that she's read, I'm not sure how many) seem to indicate that we teens have a lot on our minds; angst-filled, serious, burdened thoughts. Well, I always intended my blog to be less on the personal side and more to the ideas that are lurking in my brain so that I could share my opinions. You could say that I'm trying to change the world (fat chance). Just wanted to relay and share knowledge and viewpoints with people. Perhaps that's why my blog might seem very serious, and the posts, long.
Anyway, back to my first point, a more lighthearted post. As you must have seen with much gasping, tutting, or shaking of head (or amusement, more likely), the title of this post is 'sex on legs'. HAHA. Ever since I came across that figure of speech in P.S. I Love You (well, the F.O.S sounds Irish to me) I've been using it quite a fair bit. Especially with British actors, haha.
Gerard Butler is the undisputed 'sex on legs' ever, naturally (he's Scottish if you didn't know). And I've recently found someone else that would absolutely fits that F.O.S. Another absolutely 'sex on legs'.
Drumroll... Henry Cavill!!!
Hot damn. He's good enough to eat.
(Mom, I know you read my blog, and this is very...uh, steamy writing, but just bear with me and don't be too shocked, okay?)
To those people out there who have yet to set your sights on this wonderful piece of (yummy), here he is...

As you all can clearly see, he's really hot and he's not one of those guys I wrote about in my earlier post, 'So I Like Gray Hair and Lines...So What!'. My darling Henry is younger (26 this year. His birthday falls on the same day as my brother, May 5 so I may never forget, haha!). And he's English. I seem to like a lot more non-American actors.

I never noticed him before in Count of Monte Cristo as Albert and yes, the ugly Humphrey in Stardust. I only just found him in The Tudors, a steamy drama about King Henry VIII and his six wives. He plays alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers (another hottie!) who plays King Henry as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, the king's best friend.

Apparently my father came across the 4-disc uncut, unrated whole first season of the series in Johor (of all places). So yeah, my brother left in disgust soon into the first episode and my sister, my maid and I are limited to watching at night. When I said steamy, I meant it. But then again, if you're particular, by all means buy the censored version. However, it's really awesome. It covers everything that occurred during the famous King Henry VIII's extraordinary reign. I think it was very well-made and the cast and script is good. Jonathan Rhys Meyers seemed perfect for the role as the noted playboy yet temperamental King Henry.

But back to 'sex on legs' Henry Cavill. He played the also notorious womaniser Charles Brandon. Watching it, you would never question why so many women came to bed with him. Who could resist, really.

This is him in the first season, which I watched. I'm definitely going to get my father to buy the next season, by hook or by crook. Here's him in the second season.

Oh man, I cannot wait. And you have got to see him in action (acting, not otherwise, I'm not that sick). In fact, I recommend everyone to watch the show The Tudors. Just be prepared to see 15th century scandal, romp, deceit, power play and politics. It's really interesting.

..........On the other hand, I feel bad about dedicating one whole post to Henry Cavill before making one for Gerard Butler. I promise, Gerry, I'll make one soon. I still love you best! OXOXO
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  1. Your Evil Stepmum Says:

    Aha... so this is what you all have been watching, huh? I should watch it too while Baba is away! :)

  2. phatelara Says:

    Hi, thanks so much for following my blog. :) I love your style of blogging and I DEFINITELY love English movies and hot English actors. I'm going to watch The Tudors soon, will let you know what I think! :)

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