Ok, so I guess I still couldn't keep a resolution to make one post a day, although I only intend to write random stuff. I hope this doesn't mean that I can never keep a resolution. That would be very bad.

Anyway, weekend's already over. I didn't even feel it. WHY DO WEEKENDS DO THAT? It's totally unfair. So, what did I do this weekend...

Friday: Went to my sister's friend's sister's wedding. Beautiful ceremony. Beautiful, truly, madly, deeply in love couple. Attempted poco-poco for the first time ever in my life. It's not easy!

Saturday: Nothing really worth mentioning. Except maybe that I watched two movies that night, Hot Tub Time Machine and Sex In The City 2. The former was really funny in that lewd, stupid way with lots of swearing and some naughty scenes. Sex was as expected - luxurious settings in Abu Dhabi and lots and lots of gorgeous, to-die-for clothes. There also had to be some naughty scenes (hence the name, duh), but it wasn't as bad as the first Sex In The City movie. That one was really naughty! RAWWR.

Sunday: Nothing much. Woke up, ate nasi lemak, finished some of my dad's 1000 piece tiger jigsaw puzzle, went to grandma's house, ate cempedak goreng, pisang goreng and mee hoon, sent sis to Shah Alam, went home, had mushroom soup, bathed, made funny faces in the mirror, and here I am now. See, I told you it wasn't much.

This week is my last week at home and coincidentally, my aunt may be having her baby sometime this week. Looking forward to that. Not looking forward to packing. I haven't packed anything. I'll start soon (I hope). Then back to the far far away university with my friends and the bugs waiting.
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