So, I got my SPM results today. I was always nervous everytime I thought about this day when I would take my results (finally). I only survived with my sanity intact by distracting myself with movie after movie, book after book and all those little amusements.

But, the night before, I found it hard to not think about it. I went over every single mistake I knew I made and the unthinkable ones I will never know for sure. Like my Add. Maths Sejarah paper... I even worried for my English paper! I was thinking, "My essay wasn't that bombastic...I didn't use enough big words...what if the examiner didn't understand the story?...What if they couldn't read my handwriting?"

It may surely seem like I was worrying over nothing, but I say there is everything to worry about!

The morning arrived. Still, I was like, "Don't think about it..."

But a few of my family members were continuously asking me whether I had already got them or not. And this was when I was (quite) leisurely drinking Nescafe tarik at the mamak restaurant.

At school, I was reunited with my friends and everything was fine until we noticed that the teachers were making their way to the hall with our results. That's when the real anxiety started. The worst part was when I was waiting in line while others were getting theirs. Really nervous.

Then, when I was at the front already but waiting my turn, my Add. Maths teacher who was giving the results out whispered to me, "Nadira, congratulations...dapat straight A..." I screamed and burst into tears. But it wasn't quite confirmed until I had the slip in my hands so I got ahold of myself.

When I took one look at the results, I broke into a fresh wave of tears and screams. I could not believe it. I got 11 A1's. :D

I'm so grateful to Allah, for only with His good graces did my hard work pay off and I succeeded. Alhamdulillah.

Thanks to my friends and family who always supported me. Cheers!

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  1. mrsnordin Says:

    I knew you're going to do well. Congratulations again. Read my blog for wishes from others, and leave a thank you note. Cheers!

  2. :) hi nadira,read a lot of great stories about u at mrsnordin blog..congrats again for your SPM result.harap2 my son terer macam u jugak satu hari nanti

  3. Anonymous Says:

    congratulations..all the best for the future! =)

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